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Jet Fan

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Jet Fan

Ventilar Jet fan produces air flow 10 to 15 times the amount of air it takes in. It is highly effective in creating air movement in narrow areas such as Car Parks and tight sections in industrial environments. Create air movement in any space you want!

CJ 210, CJ 270

LONG DISTANCE AIR THROW  -  Fresh air movement can be created anywhere in the workspace.
LARGE VOLUME AIR MOVEMENT  - 15 times input volume
ENERGY EFFICIENT -  Very low energy consumed
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Brief Product Information

Able to be installed virtually anywhere, the point and shoot capability allows you to strategically create air movement anywhere in your environment. Commonly used to create an ‘entrainment of air’, Jet fans can be positioned to be lined up one after another to create a flow of air movement around the environment, which is typically seen in Car Parks and Factories.


Logistic Centers
Storage Facilities
Underground Car Parks
Car Park Buildings


Jet with lines Air Inlet Bell Mouth Silencer Chamber Air Outlet Nozzle Sound Absorber (PE) Motor Housing Hanger Bracket
Ductless Spot Cooling
Greater Air Movement eliminates stale air
Deliver cool air to any location in workspace
Maximise Space Cooling performance with Cooljet.

How Cooljet Works

Cooljet has a special design fan assembly inside such that when it runs, large amount of air is entrained from the surrounding area. The air multiplying effect makes total air flow to be 10 to 15 times the amount of air flow at the fan inlet. This large air flow will create a larger area of air movement in the workspace.

Dimension & Weight

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E (mm)
A,F,J (mm)
B,G,K (mm)
C,H,L (mm)
D,I,M (mm)
CJ 210
CJ 270

Technical Data

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Nominal Airflow
Velocity @nozzle
Noise Level@3m 
Power Supply 
Motor Power 
Total Airflow
ER : 15
CJ 210
1500 CMH
17 m/s
64 dB (A)
1Ø 220 V 50 Hz
170 W
22,500 CMH
CJ 270
3500 CMH
20 m/s
60 dB (A)
1Ø 220 V 50 Hz
308 W
52,500 CMH