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Ventilar High Volume Low Speed Fans are powered by SEW Motor and Schneider Inverter. Uses 5 wide type military grade wing blades that move more air compared to other brands. Cools down an area of 1,400 meter square, which makes this the most practical value for money cooling method available for industrial and semi-enclosed commercial areas.

CJ 210, CJ 270

AIRFOIL DESIGNAIRFOIL DESIGN  - 5-Blade design is wider, has less torque, and lighter than most 6/8 blade design.
CHASSIS & BLADES MATERIALS  - Aviation Grade Aluminium Magnesium Alloy.
SPEED CONTROL SYSTEM  - Control box with frequency inverter from France by SCHNEIDER
DRIVE SYSTEM -  Heavy duty grade integral motor/gearbox assembly, OEM brands include: SEW and SIEMENS.
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Brief Product Information

High Volume Low Speed Fans can be installed in practically any industrial space of at least 6 meters height. We offer flexible mounting options, meaning that our fans can be installed in almost every type of industrial building. Low energy consumption also means that you can run your HVLS fan all day long. This method of cooling is perfect for outdoor malls, poultry or cattle farms, and especially industrial environments like factories, warehouses and more.


Logistic Centers
Storage Facilities
Semi-enclosed commercial buildings
Outdoor malls
Other industrial setting

The Most Practical Method to Cool
Large Workspace

hvls-fac Big Fan Roof Exhaust Fan Open Space Cooler

Feel up to 12 °C cooler

When Big Fan is used together with Open Space Cooler, the cool air generated from the cooler can be distributed evenly across the workspace. The cool air can then be sent to the workers at higher air velocity. This way the system can deliver an improved cooling effect on the workers across the entire workspace.

Technical Data

7.1 m
Number of Blades/Width
5/255 mm
Max. Speed
50 rpm
Air Flow
13,000 m³/min
Area Covered
1400 m²
Noise Level
40 dB (A)
Motor kW
1.5 KW
Power Supply
50 Hz, 380V
Gear Motor Make
Frequency Inverter Make
Operating Weight
127 Kg